Please Note
The type of mobile screen or PC monitor used to view these colours will slightly affect their appearance. 

Platinum Blonde (Ice Grey)

Platinum Blonde (Silver)

Summer Blonde (60)

Summer Blonde (613)

Light Ash Highlight (Silver/7)

Light Vanilla Highlight (60/20)

Light Warm Highlight (60/10)

Honey Highlight (4/8/20)

Coffee Highlight (2/8/20)

Malibu Ombre (7-Silver)

Beverley Hills Ombre (2-8-20)

Bel Air Ombre ( 1B-2-6)

Ginger Spice (135/31)

Cherry Red (Bug)

Wine Red (99J)

Wine Red Highlight (1B/99J)

Camo Brown (7)

Cinnamon Blonde (10)

Light Hazel Brown (6)

Dark Auburn (350)

Copper Brown (33)

Chestnut Natural Brown (4)

Choc Cinnamon Highlight (2/10)

Soft Black & Camo Highlight (1B/7)

Soft Black & Chestnut Highlight (1B/4)

Soft Black & Dark Choc Highlight (1B/2)

Dark Chocolate Brown (2)

Soft Black (1B)

Jet Black ( 1 )