No synthetic and fibre hair is mixed in-between our hair.
Strands of Love hair is 100% human remy hair extension company.

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When you have freshly installed your new K-tip or Tape-in extensions, wait 48 hours before you wash your hair or before you excessive. The extension bond need time to settle and seal securely.

Always wash your hair with products focussing on moisture and hydration.
Never wash your extensions with products containing protein or keratin, as it will dry out and cause premature breakage of your extensions.
Avoid Silver shampoos and products aiming to lighten your extensions, as it will cause your extensions to dry out prematurely.

Lighter colors will need extra moisture as hair is lightly chemically treated.
Getting a good moisture treatment will make your hair last longer and feel softer for longer

When you feel your hair is starting to feel dry or unmanageable, immediately change your product.
It is always a good idea to change products from time to time to avoid product build up on your hair or extensions.

Never add conditioner, oils, or treatments directly on your extensions bond to ensure that it won’t slip or slide out.

After Care


Brush your extensions twice a day to ensure that unnecessary knotting won’t occur.
Avoid excessive brushing as it can break your extensions.

Never brush wet extensions, as the bond is weak when wet, which can cause the hair to shed over time, or the extensions to slide or fall out.

Always brush over and under your extension bonds to avoid knots from forming against your scalp.
Avoid pulling on your extensions to avoid unnecessary tension on your hair follicles.


Never sleep with wet extensions and never tie wet extensions up, as it will damage the extensions and knot in between your own hair.
If the tape or k-tip bonds stay wet for longer periods, it will start coming loose.
Wet wefts will start to swell which will cause premature shedding.
Always make sure your extensions bonds are dry before sleeping, tying hair up or storing your hair.

Always sleep with your hair in a loosed bun or plait. Tuck the ends away securely to avoid the ends from breaking.

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Chlorine and salt water is not good for your extensions, so avoid where possible.

In the case where swimming is unavoidable, add a leave-in conditioner to the extensions before swimming. Rinse the hair after the swim with tap water.

Do not tie hair up after swimming but let the hair dry naturally
Apply hair oils afterwards for extra moisture and proper care.

Please note that certain sunscreens change the hair to a “pinkish” color due to a chemical reaction cause by certain ingredients and UV rays.
Avoid the following ingredients in your sunscreen:
Avobenzone (Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane), Octocrylene

When hair is exposed to hard water, it can also change to a more orange/pink undertone.


Treat your extensions just as well as you would your own natural hair.
Strands of Love hair extensions can be curled, straighten and styled.

Be careful not to use high heat on your extensions. This can cause your ends to burn and you will experience hard, frizzy or split ends. 

Use a heat protection product for aftercare before your use any heat on your hair.

Style hair with the temperature lover than 180 degrees to keep your extensions healthy for longer.

Hair extensions are not a wash-and-go product. Always style your extensions with low heat to make sure your extensions look sleek and healthy.
Heat styling will seal your hair extension cuticle to create a sleek look

Add a good quality hair oil afterward to add shine to your hair.
Hair oils are a great aftercare product to keep your hair from feeling dry or tangling.


Strands of Love extensions are made from 100% human hair therefore can be colored.

If using color on your extensions, we advise that the color must be tested first on a single strand before coloring all your hair extensions. Colour on hair extensions always come out different than on our own natural hair.

It is very important to NEVER lighten or bleach hair extensions as it will break and ruin the hair.

Keep in mind that tape bonds, k-tips and weft stitching will not take color.

Always use a professional to color your extensions.